Protein Pudding

February 13, 2011 at 12:26 AM | Posted in Desserts, Fitness, Food, Health, Nutrition, Post Workout Fuel, Recipes, Snax | 18 Comments

This  pudding is so satiating, sweet, and healthy that I know I will be making it again sometime soon.

It is great as a snack, dessert, or post-workout fuel!  And what is the best part?  It’s ÜBER easy to make!  Yes, I did say ÜBER.  😛 I happen to love that word; it’s very sophisticated.

So is this simple snack.  It looks so light and fluffy in a sophisticated glass.

Protein Pudding


3/4 C silken tofu

2 TBSP Greek yogurt (I used FAGE) *optional*

1/4 tsp vanilla

1 TBSP pure maple syrup


Simply add all the ingredients in a blender or mixer and ta-da!  You now have a protein pudding.  *Note:  you can taste the tofu in this recipe in case you’re not fond of it.  This recipe makes 2 small servings.

I was originally wanting to use vanilla beans in the pudding, but I guess I used it all up!  Let me know how it tastes if you make it that way!

This is my mother’s tofu which we bought at the Korean market.  She was going to make spicy tofu stew (Soon-Doo-Boo) with it, but she had enough of them so I decided that using one up wouldn’t hurt.  ^_~*

Garnish with your favorite toppings and relax after a hard work out routine!


Ellie <33


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  1. I am SO EXCITED by this recipe! You see, everytime I see “protein” in the title of a recipe on an American blog, I sigh and give up because it always seems to refer to protein powder that I can’t get here. Thank you so much for a delicious sweet healthy dish I can actually make!

    • wow! you don’t have protein powder in australia? I thought there were at least other brands!

  2. so glad you posted this! I have a box of tofu that I dont know what to do with!!

    • Hope you like it 🙂

  3. That protein pudding looks so delicious! I need to get some silken tofu! 🙂

    • If you actually like the taste of raw tofu, then it’s BOMB.

  4. Yum!! This is a great idea! I’m always looking for new ways to eat my Greek yogurt!

    • Yeaa I find that the G.yogurt makes it taste better for some reason 😀

  5. Wow that looks amazing. How is tofu? I’ve never tried it before

    • Hmm tofu is…very soft as you probably know, esp. depending on if it’s firm or silken tofu. It tastes a bit nutty yet bean-y? haha it’s hard to explain. But you should definitely give tofu a try! 🙂

  6. Yum! Whats the calories per serving?

    • Oh! I didn’t count but if I do a rough estimate right now I believe it would be somewhere around 200 cal or less, depending on the tofu you use. : >

  7. Love this pudding idea… it reminds me the chocolate pudding based on tofu that I made long time ago! 🙂

    • Niiice! i didn’t see the choc pudding but i’ll check it out.

  8. Mmm… pudding! 🙂


  9. Tofu in pudding?? But then I can’t really say anything since I used to hate the idea of spinach in smoothies and now I love green monsters, haha!

    • Haha we ARE a crazy bunch aren’t we? 😛

  10. That looks so healthy but tasty too! 😀

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