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February 21, 2011 at 12:00 AM | Posted in Culture, Fitness, Health, Inspiration, Relationships | 22 Comments

Can I tell you that you guys make me smile? 😛  Your support and constant enthusiasm in the pursuit of a healthy and wholesome lifestyle truly makes me grin!  From ear to ear.

I am so infinitely grateful to have found you all through the blogosphere, and I look forward to sharing many more sweet moments with you as we grow together!  As I’m sure many of you would agree, we are a strange and beautifully unique bunch who understands each other’s quirks! And I love that about this community!

Thank you in advance for opening up to the public; I have to say that I’m having a lot of fun sharing recipes, tips, and life with all of you–and vice versa.  🙂  YOU make this blog happen…OY, I sound like a show host.

I also wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU TO JENNY FROM FIT GIRL FOODIE!!!!!!! For always being encouraging and passing down the Versatile Blogger Award to me. *SNIFFLE*  I appreciate your positive nature and passion to help others as you walk this extraordinary journey.

Here are the rules for this award:

  • Write a post like this: Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog
  • Tell your readers seven facts about you
  • Award recently discovered bloggers with the prize.
  • Contact the winners.

And these are some random facts about me!

1.)  I speak exactly 3.5 languages.  Yep!  Not three, not four.  😛  I speak Spanish (Castellano in Argentina), Korean, English (of course), and partly some French.  That’s the half in the 3.5 languages.  I believe that if I were dropped off in France in a parachute, then I could pretty much survive life on my own.  You see, I’m a Korean girl born and raised in Argentina, who happened to immigrate to the U.S. and learned French for five years. I love languages!

2.)  I have hiked all of the Half Dome in Yosemite and survived!  It was one of the coolest experiences in my whole life!  And painful too. Try it, and your calves will thank you.  Or hate you.

3.)  I am sort of ashamed to admit this.  But I am extremely competitive when it comes to physical activities!  So sometimes I would rather not participate at all hah!  I have been dubbed as the Queen of Laser Tag because I once went laser tagging with a whole group of church friends, and I won the top score and incinerated beat all the guys!

4.)  I’m an ENFP and seem to look at life/the world through a very idealistic perspective.  I’m always inclined to be an optimist, and sometimes too much!  I’m learning to find the balance in between so as to not come off as insensitive to others.  😀

5.)  I adapt to new environments and foreign countries rather well.  I love to immerse myself within the culture and become one of the ‘people’ as much as I can!  Culture and the ability to understand it is one of my greatest passions.

6.)  I used to be the biggest tomboy when I was a little girl!  I played with Barbies but mostly with toy cars and Nintendo.  During the beginning stages of my teenage years, I wore super baggy pants and over sized t-shirts.  Oh, and I had an afro when I was 3 years old.

7.)  I ran Cross Country during my sophomore and junior years in high school.  It was an amazing experience where I met awesome, caring people who really made the team feel like a family!  I used to despise running before joining the team, but something changed I guess.  🙂  Surprisingly, I won the “Most Improved” Award.

This was so fun and such an honor to be a part of!  Thank you Jenny and to all who are reading this.

I would like to pass this award to…

Rach from This Italian Family

Hannah from Wayfaring Chocolate

Angie from The Fitness Apple

Congratulations and have fun with it! ^.~*v

Your turn!  Please feel free to share something about yourself!  I love hearing about your unique-ness.

From mah heart to yurrrs,

Ellie <33


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  1. how neat is that! congratulations ellie =)

    i just learned today that you are korean! (i should have guessed) i am actually working at a korean language school (here in the philippines) and yesterday we had some basic korean lessons and our tongues were just totally twisted the whole time. but i super enjoyed it! i love learning languages too! =)

    • haha how cool Viviene! Mad props for the Korean lessons 🙂 I hear it’s actually one of the hardest to master, and even for me it’s not that easy always.

  2. Thank you Ellie! I loved reading your seven facts 🙂 I so wish I could play laser tag! I did a similar thing when I was 12 and loved it so much 😛 I recently got invited to paintball but chickedn out, because I didn’t want to do something where getting hit would actually hurt 😛

    P.S. You HAVE to show us afro you! 😀

    • I’ll someday show it when the time is right. LOL I hear paintballing gives you enormous bruises 😛

  3. I think that’s so cool that you know 3.5 languages!! I love languages too! And yay for being a tomboy. I was the same way as a kid!

    • haha! so many of us seem to have been tomboys! I love it when ppl love languages

  4. Thanks, chica! I will definitely put this on the blog soon! 🙂

    I was definitely a tomboy too! And I had an afro as well… just at 12! haha! So awful.

    • Haha now YOU’ll have to post a picture of afro you 😛

  5. I wish I knew more languages! At least we can chit chat in spanish and english 😉 And omg how intense how much you hiked! Super impressive 🙂 I love learning new things about my blogging friends

    • trust me, I was surprised that I hiked all of that as well! hehe

  6. That’s SO cool that you speak 3.5 languages!! And I was totally a tomboy too…I used to call myself George- don’t ask me why! 😛

    • haha now I REALLY want to know why

  7. I just found your blog and I have to say I love your outlook on travel and other cultures! When I studied abroad, I tried to make every effort to get to know the native lifestyle – rather than being an annoying American tourist! I totally agree that there is so much to gain by immersing yourself in other cultures.
    I’ve been fortunate enough to travel during my experiences living in Germany from ages 4- 8 (and going to German school!), touring the country on a teen tour before junior year of high school and studying abroad for a semester in Tel Aviv during junior year of college! I really want to visit South America and Asia next!

    • Thank you so much for coming by! 😀 It’s crazy how much you’ve been around the world! Wowww Tel Aviv?! that’s awesome~

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    That’s so cool that you speak so many languages! I wish I knew more. I’m ok at spanish but need to practice more for sure.

  9. […] from Ellie, the Versatile […]

  10. I loved reading your facts, and I am so jealous that you got to hike Yosemite!! I have wanted to do that forever!
    What a fun post!!

    This also makes me wish I had retained any of the French I took in high school, sadly, I only speak one language.

  11. I’m an ENFP too! 🙂 borderline enfj, but still 😉
    and prob the only extrovert in my house hahaha… oh well.

    • Awesome! Hehe, I can relate to the extrovert part 😀

  12. Aww this was so cute! I love these 🙂 I just posted a few of mine… Hmm… more random facts about me…

    My entire family is Brazilian, and I was born in Brazil 🙂

    • That’s so cool! So do you speak Portuguese?

  13. Congratulations on your award and great to know you better! And I’m an ENFJ and I think the description is quite similar 🙂

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