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March 9, 2011 at 11:50 PM | Posted in Food, Inspiration | 26 Comments

Hey everyone!  Thank you for all the wonderful comments, prayers and wishes for Lauren!  I’m sure if she heard and saw it all, she would be so very encouraged. 😀  I just have a feeling that I will meet her someday down the road.

Alright…so do you recall last week when I mentioned that I was looking into buying a used Canon XT? Do you remember that it was being sold for $280?

Well guess what!!  Right after that great bargain, I found another dude who was selling his barely-used Canon EOS 20D for a mere $360!!! Say whaaaaattt?! Yes, it’s true my friends.  You see, the retail price for the 20D is approximately a honkin’ $1400!

So by now I’m certain you know what the outcome is.  Yep, after much thought and “deep pondering” I went ahead and purchased it; however, it didn’t cost me $360….The guy actually sold it to me for $300.  0_o”

Uh…Thank you Lord, like, for reals?  And God bless you bratha for the crazy discount!  I hope this doesn’t mean it will break apart or anything haha.

I’m so grateful for this great investment I made, no kidding.  At first, I felt very selfish and almost too vain to make such a purchase. And I hope this doesn’t come off to you as bragging of any kind. 🙂

Then I counted the benefits of having one…

  • great photos
  • fun hobby to play around with
  • memories of better pictures as each year goes by
  • great memories of my ‘future’ children
  • self-made album of fun and scenic pictures
  • capturing the best images possible from future mission trips
  • never will get such a good deal in my life probably
  • more ‘professional’ photos of wedding preps
  • and did I mention great photos?

This wasn’t the whole list, but it WAS definitely a large sum of it haha!

So, it’s been utterly enjoyable to play around with.  I am by no means talented at this, nor am I knowledgeable of photography, but I believe I will improve as I play around with the settings.  Perhaps, I’ll be able to take pointers from Ashley since she’s been so kindly offering help to all of us.

It seems a bit more difficult to capture nice pictures of scenery for some reason though.  I’m not sure why.

Here are some examples of everything!

I’m having a tough time trying to make the images brighter and I have no idea as to how I’m supposed to alter it!  Although the actual lighting is as bright as it can get, the images come out with a darker saturation than desired.

Well, still getting there!  By the way, these are chocolate oats. 🙂

Juiced for the whole family.  Can you see the little tiny details in the foam?

A bit of a blur on Daniel’s face.

Now that’s better!

This is from when I made Amanda’s socca pancakes!! Yummm they were delicious and quite simple to make!

This was taken when the flash unwelcomingly popped out, and although it’s a whole lot brighter than the previous photos, the light is much too harsh in my opinion.

Can you spot some differences in this image? It’s from the point and shoot cam.  Actually, come to think of it the point and shoot is pretty accurate!  But I think there are still minor details that are distinguishable.  And again, despite the bright lighting, it is on the harsh side I think.

Hello handsome!! 😛

Here, I can see of the noise factor going on way too noticeably.  Ooooh look at me, I’m using photography terms! LOL 😛  But basically, noise is the minor nuisance of graininess within the image details. Do you see the ‘graininess’?

And this was the Strawberry Millet Porridge from this morning.  Breakfast is utterly fantastic, don’t you think? ^.~*

That’s a wrap for tonight and talk to you soon! I just wanted to remind you that you’re all such precious individuals and you truly make me smile! I’m very grateful for all of you… 😀  Let’s live extraordinarily!

My Question:  Are there any suggestions, tips, or advice you can add to my lack of camera knowledge?  Any help is much appreciated. Por favor.


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  1. Wow congratulations on that wonderful deal! Looking forward to seeing more and more pictures here! =D

    I’m not into photography so I’m not sure I’d be of much help! haha

    • Yeahh really thankful b/c my mother thinks I never ask her for much and wanted to contribute to this! The thought of it still is so touching to me. 😀

  2. Kudos on the wonderful deal!! It’s so much fun playing with your camera when you first get it! I love mine! I wish I had some tips but I’m a beginner with mine too. I want to find a class somewhere in so cal!

    • Niiiice! let me know how it goes for you! 😀

  3. Haha I love that mustache cup in the background of your photo. Your fiance is very handsome! 🙂

    • I know, isn’t it funny?! My friend AJ gave it to me. (who’s now in korea 😦 ) And thank you! I am a blessed ladayyy.

  4. Yay for getting that camera!!! Honestly, those pictures look really detailed and professional! I love it!!

    • shucksssss you’re too kind Sophia! 😀

  5. Love love love the chocolate oats! Nomomom and the camera! Awesome pictures 🙂

    • I knew you’d be the one to like the oats the most hehe 😛

  6. Isnt it amazing how a camera can just MAKE the picture?!! I want a new one so badly, but the hubby just bought me my little handheld one in July as a suprise, so I can wait a little bit longer I guess 🙂
    P.S. Hows the wedding stuff going? Hope its all coming together for you!!

    • Yeah, seriously!! I waited a few years after my point and shoot that I had received as a gift too 🙂 Wanted to wait longer know haha. Thanks for asking! Honestly, I’ve been busy with school climaxing that I just haven’t had the ‘guts’? to go out and get/look at stuff! But I keep thinking of your amazing tips and told Greg about them. 😀

  7. Great investment! Your pics look amazing, I love them! 🙂

    • Thanks Coco! 😀

  8. Those are incredible photos! I’m so glad you got such a great deal! 🙂

    • I know~what a blessing that my momma wanted to help ^.~*

  9. I agree, breakfast is the best meal of the day! When my husband asked me what I wanted tonight, I said cereal!

    • hahaa right after work a little bit ago, I had puffins. Cereal is never old!

  10. It’s so lovely that the camera came to you at this point in yoru life, seeing as there are going ot be so many moments on the road to your wedding that you’ll want to capture!

    • true that! 😛

  11. Wow, you LUCKY DUCK!!!!! So fortunate!!! That is such a steal. How long did the guy have the camera for? Usually camera bodies only last for 3-5 years.

    By the way, google is your friend. I learned what I know about cameras by googling. 🙂

    • thanks for the tip! Yeahh I figured google/yahoo would serve well 😀 He had it for 4 years but hadn’t used it much b/c he upgraded to a MUCH better one. haha

  12. Yay!! I’m so happy that you got the camera, and what an awesome deal!! Your photos are looking great already!

    And, I’m so glad you enjoyed the pancakes!! They look yummy!! 🙂

    I borrow my husbands Nikon D7000 for all my photos and I feel like I have so much to learn when it comes to photography, I need to play around with it more.

    • yea thanks Amandaaa!

  13. I LOVE YOUR BLOG AND EVERYTHING YOU SAY ON IT!! you rock girl- keep shining for HIM!

    • Keeep fightin’ the good fight 🙂

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