Creamy Quinoa and Eats

March 16, 2011 at 1:08 PM | Posted in Breakfast, Fitness, Food, Health, Inspiration, Nutrition, Recipes | 51 Comments

Hi beloved bloggers!! 😛

How are you today? But for reals, how are you?  I know everyone has been busy, and not only that, there is so much chaos going around.  Nonetheless, let’s maintain our peace amidst the pandemonium around us because true peace comes from within, not from outside. 🙂

Before I forget to mention, I started running again!! I once told you that I used to be in Cross Country in high school.  It was only for a year and a half.

For some reason, I had stopped running altogether approximately 2 years ago.  This week I took the challenge and unknowingly ran 2.5 miles in about 20 minutes.  Yesterday, I ran 4 miles in 28:20 minutes!  I have no idea why the gap is so big in the time, but I think it MAY have to do with the steep hills on my first run.

My calves feel the burn, and it’s good.  I really thought I would be MUCH MUCH worse than this, but I think I was somewhat in running shape because of my home workouts. I kid you not, bodyweight workouts (and weights) are the best!

Of course, running uses different muscles that I haven’t quite worked out in a while.  Now it’s definitely an incorporation of holistic fitness and health for me, and I love that I can pray and think throughout my runs as long as I’m not dying for breath. Hah! 😀

Do you know who I attribute this inspiration and motivation to?

I give all of you guys credit for inspiring me to run again and soar again! hehehe.  So thank you thank you everyone!

Okay now, have a few things I need to say.  Or more like, a lot of things to say!

Panera Bread’s Honey Walnut Cream Cheese is to die for!!!!

This morning I made myself a bowl of Quinoa Flake porridge.  Sound funny?  Well think again. ^.~

“How does the cream cheese play a part in this simple breakfast?”  Here’s the answer my friends.

Creamy Quinoa Porridge


1/4 C Quinoa flakes

1 TBSP wheat bran

Cubed pieces of apple

1 TBSP Honey Walnut cream cheese

1 C almond milk

1/2 C water

pinch of sea salt

1 tsp chia seeds

dash of cinnamon

drizzle of vanilla extract


Simply start with the quinoa flakes+wheat bran in a small pan.  Start cooking with the milk+water, and add the cubed apple pieces.  After a minute or so, add the rest of the ingredients and at the very end, stir in the cream cheese. Quinoa flakes cook really quickly so about 3 minutes total should be enough time. 🙂 Serves 1.

*toppings:  banana, Justin’s Maple Almond Butter, Sorrell’s Raspberry preserves, and coconut flakes!

This combo is such a great mix of perfectly sweet and creamy!

I’ve been eating Sorrell’s Raspberry preserves and I love the taste of it.  It’s made from pretty good ingredients and it’s definitely one of my new favorite ones.  It was the least expensive as well. Teehee, that’s always a PLUS.

If you have been wondering about Quinoa [keen-wah], then just know that it’s a great source of protein as well as fiber.  It’s also Gluten-Free, therefore a great substitute for ingredients like flour in baked goods.  The flakes are fluffy, as opposed to the grainy and nutty texture of the regular Quinoa grain.

Whoa! The letters and outlinings are kind of crazy and off in this picture! I’m still learning haha.

If I can share with you what I had yesterday….

Tuesdays can be pretty hectic with classes.  Come dinner time, I’m racing to get something to eat during class if I didn’t pack dinner that day.

So last night I had an awesome sandwich at this place across from school–it’s called Which Wich?

When you enter the doors, you basically grab a sharpie and a brown bag where you can check off anything and everything you want in your sandwich.  It’s such a genius idea don’t you think?!

I got the hummus sandwich on toasted bread with feta cheese, olives, sauerkraut, and a whole slew of veggies…plus honey mustard.  Oh yeahhh my love for mustard will go on as long as I live.

I’ve been eating some of the usual stuff, including my Sunshine Bars.

My friend Arthur gave me and Greg this box of pastries plus many more that aren’t photographed! Haha I know that’s a lot of pastries! He works at Paris Baguette, a bakery in which everything comes out fresh every 3 hours.

Those are filled with raisins, chocolate, sweet potato, apricots, and danish cream.

Random fact: Did you know that I was the first employee at the Paris Baguette in my city?  That was my first job ever!  And I loved it not only because it was fun (and tiring), but also because I would eat 5 pastries by myself in one sitting. Oy, I can’t do that anymore or I’ll probably throw up. 😛

I also had some store bought waffles for the first time!  Nature’s Path makes some mean berry waffles let me tell ya.

And…pancakes that have been topped with Mascarpone cheese mmm…

I hope you have a great day and some new recipes are on their way!~A la Italiana.

Sorry for posting so many photos! I just couldn’t help myself 😛


Please don’t forget to keep Japan in your prayers/thoughts, and I know I sound like a broken disc, but here are some donation links to help out.

The red cross

Save the Children

Global Giving

International Medical Corps

Have a great day and talk to you soon!

Grace & Peace,

Ellie <33


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  1. Ingrates of running again! I am trying to run again too.
    Working at a Paris baguette? That’s my dream!

    • Ohhh! do you have a PB around where you live? 😀

  2. Awesome run! Look at you go 🙂

    I’ve never tried quinoa flakes before, but I love regular quinoa!

    • I HOPE that’s accurate though! I’m sure it’s very close, but I had to mapquest the distances haha 😛

  3. Congrats for starting to run!! Running was just something I never got into so I have a lot of respect for those that do 🙂 And omgggg so many pics! Quinoa bowl looks insanely yummy, fabulous breakfast. I secretly want that box of pastries and waffles/pancakes make for an awesome breakfast. Mascarpone cheese topping? yes please 😀

    • hahaha I love your excitement Jen! So cute. I’ll always def be a weights type of gal no matter what, but running is a fun privilege 🙂

  4. I love pastries too and I can even eat 6 in one sitting! Hahaha… =p (i sound like a pastry monster eater)

    Thanks for keeping Japan in your prayers. There really is a lot going on there even after the big blow last Friday.

    • haha I guess size or height doesn’t matter when it comes to pastries..? 😛 how’s your family now Viv?!

  5. Oh my goodness, I love Panera!

    And your waffles are making me hungry, haha!

    • you know i still haven’t tried the bagels! kekeke but after you mentioned it, It’s been on my mind. 😛

  6. Quinoa porridge? What a great idea!! Looks terrific!

    • oh yes this breakfast was delicioso~! 🙂 the cream cheese really does make a huge difference

  7. Ellie, I congratulate you on your physical activity, it is good also for the soul …, my activity is now the bicycle …
    We meet in the world of the blog …

    Adiós Amiga…

  8. Ellie, you’re so fast!!! Congrats on starting to run again! I love all your breakfast photos, especially the porridge bowl!

    • Thanks Soph~Oh goshhh I really hope I’m not lying about the 4 miles though! it felt like it, but the only way to measure this out was mapquest. 😀 I hope it’s accurate hehe

  9. Congrats on running! Such a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? Who knows? Maybe I’ll join you soon. 🙂

    PS I’m addicted to mascarpone but never even thought about trying it at breakfast. Brilliant!

    • Thank you Teresa! yess it does feel great. Especially the dirtier and sweatier I am 😛

  10. This creamy porridge looks lovely Ellie!

    • Thank you Lorraine! It tasted lovely 😛 yess i can remember the taste hah!

  11. Good for you for starting to run again!! 😀

    Ohhhh….. That breakfast looks fabulous!! I need to find that cream cheese!

    Don’t feel bad for posting lot’s of pictures! Trust me, I LOVE seeing food pictures, and yours are beautiful 🙂 We used to have a Which Wich in Fort Collins, but it closed down before I was able to try it 😦

    That’s too bad that we weren’t able to meet each other while I was in Cali 😦 Maybe we will be able to work something out next time I’m in Cali, or if you come to Colorado.
    My dad loved Cali too! He keeps on saying that he would have no problem visiting me if I go to school somewhere in Cali 🙂 I think all the green was the favorite part for both of us 🙂 But now that we’re back, we feel like we live in a desert 😉

    Have a fabulous rest of the week!!! 😀 (and sorry for the looong comment)

    • ohhh i love long comments! haha. definitely God willing we can see each other some day. It’s funny, b/c I’m not sttarting to like certain aspects of Cali–mainly its diversity in everrryyything!!

      • oh whooops!! I meant NOW* starting to like…haha, big difference in what I said

  12. I want to try quinoa flakes so badly!! I need to get to the store and pick some up. That and coconut flour. Oh and chickpea flour. Geeze, apparently I have a lot to pick up from the store lol

    • I love the texture, taste, and how light it feels. haha don’t you just love trying new grains and flours? 🙂

  13. I have been meaning to make quinoa flakes for a while now! This post may have convinced me 😉

    • yayyy so now I suspect you’ll be havin’ quinoa flakes soon 😛

  14. sounds like a great run- FEEL THE BURN! haha. its always good to feel yourself getting stronger tho huh? 🙂

    i love what you put into this quinoa bowl, the maple nut butter, fruit spread/jam, banana and coconut- so beautifully yummy! ❤

    • Yeahhh it’s so EMPOWERING when I can make the most of my physical/mental strength! such a blessing and privilege. And the flavors all went together so well!

  15. Never had quinoa flakes! Can’t wait to try this!

    • It’s very smooth and fluffy! ^.~

  16. Around this time last year I was obsessed with quinoa flake porridge! I almost always had it savoury with nutritional yeast and tabasco 😛

    • wow I can see how that would be delicious! I love nutrit.yeast and anything spicy 😀

  17. This may sound heretic, but who needs butter when you’ve got mascarpone cheese!!! It trumps cream cheese, too! I’ve never tried it on pancakes, but now I’ve got to.

    • Haha not heretic at all~weird how just a tiny dollop of Mascarpone goes a looong way~ 😛

  18. Oh my, you are a fast runner!!
    I often eat quinoa, but I’ve never tried the flakes… i will buy them and make porridge, yours looks so good:)

    • well I’m realllly hoping that I’m not lying here and did the right calculations 😛 but the land was flat so that may explain~ 😛

  19. Don’t apologize for posting too many pics – personally, that’s my favorite part! Have a great day!

    • haha yayyyy now it’ll be pictures galore for sure 😀

  20. Congrats on getting back into running! =) I had no idea you used to work at a pastry store! that sounds fun and dangerous all at the same time! =) I can’t say no to crusty bread 😉

  21. Nice run girl! Creamy cheese in oats sound amazing. I can just imagine the creamy, slightly tangy deliciousness together.

    • oh yes–you described it exactly how it tasted 🙂 thanks Heather~

  22. Congrats on running again! You’re so speedy! Other bloggers are such an inspiration for running and are always so encouraging. Love it!

    • hehe thanks so much! funny how blogging can get you to do the craziest things huh?! 😀

    That looks so GOOD. And your eats look even better! Gorgeous pics 😀

    PS- I loved when you said that peace comes from within and not the outside. Very true.

    • thanks Paola~who knew photography was something I’d learn to enjoy so much? thanks for the reassurance with the ‘peace’ part–glad to know you feel the same way ❤

  24. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog 🙂 This Quinoa Porridge looks divine 🙂 To be honest I only know the old oat porridge and I thought that quinoa is served as a sidedish for savoury meals so it’s very interesting for me! Btw I’d love to have a friend like you have – so many pastries to eat 😀 Maybe it’s good I don’t have one because I’d gain a huge lot of weight 😀

    • quinoa is very good 😀 thank you for coming by as well! haha, now that I’m sloowwwly getting older, i’m thinking it’s a good thing that I don’t work at a bakery 😛 But i do love working in that kind of atmosphere actually

  25. You have a great blog. Your spirituality and faith is so inspiring…I need some of that.

    • Ohhh I’m just so thankful and glad that anyone finds inspiration here and perhaps encouragement to keep movin’ forward! Thank you for being here! 😀

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