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Hi everyone!  I hope you had a lovely weekend y’all~

I just wanted to re-cap on my weekend.  “These are a few of my favorite things…and now I don’t feel so bad!!~~”

Did you catch that line?! It’s from the Sound of Music!! Only like, one of my favorite films of all time! When I was a wee little child, I remember I watched it 4 times in a row in ONE sitting! Call me cwazy. 😛

Anyway, I’ll keep it short!

Have you ever tried Seeds of Change Quinoa Rice?! It’s sooo delicious! I highly recommend it if you like the chewy texture of rice, along with a gentle buttery taste and a hint of garlic.  I got a pack of 6 at Costco about 2 months ago, and I find it to be very convenient when I’m in a hurry.

In the mix went in:  Tomato pasta sauce, hummus, carrots, Seeds of Change rice, mozzarella, and avocado.  I whipped up this dish within 4 minutes flat using the microwave!  😀

I loaded up on Yerba Mate–one of my favorite things to drink! It’s a staple Argentinean herb that we drink for leisure, relaxation, and energy.  Sometimes, it’s a great alternative to coffee you know? 😛  It’s funny because in Argentina, you’ll walk by all these people lounging in their comfy chairs out on the sidewalk while drinking Mate.  These people know how to take leisure time seriously!

Greg and I saw our children over the weekend and had a blast with them! They were wilder than usual, but aren’t they so adorable? 🙂

Eh?  What’s that car doing here?

Haha! Today’s service at the church where Greg has been giving messages, was at Lew Webb’s Automobile Center!  This church doesn’t have an official building and the usual Synagogue they’ve been staying at had some deal going on today.  So we had service at this location! Pretty neat huh?

Greg was too excited 😛

So we had a potluck today! And so I made these last night and good thing I started early!  Really, because my eyes were getting lazy-eyed all the way into 1 AM while making these. 😛

One of the best things over the weekend was seeing all these beautiful souls!  Seeing the people at the church growing and striving to live non-complacent lives was truly one of the greatest encouragements for me!

Oh and one more thing! Remember Lauren from a few weeks ago?!  It’s soooo weird….but while driving at completely the opposite side of ‘town’, I saw her two times over this past week! I don’t believe in coincidences and I know this happened for a reason.

But…she’s been walking with this sketchy dude and I’m praying that she’s alright.  I’m asking God for wisdom as to what He wants me to do.  Perhaps this time, it’s just to pray on behalf of her situation.  We’ll see.

Have you seen the Irish movie Once by the way?  I watched it with Greg and the storyline as well as the music is so amazing!  Admittedly, there were far too many F-bombs in this film…but once we looked past that, we found that the end message is a very good one, though the ending itself is very bitter sweet. 😦

My Question:  What’s your favorite movie or movie genre? Did anything bless you this week, that you’d like to share? 🙂 Have you tried Seeds of Change?  What’s your go-to food/dish when you’re in a hurry?

Links to Japan’s Aid:

The red cross

Save the Children

Global Giving

International Medical Corps


Ellie <33


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  1. Looks like ou have had an amzing weekend. Mine was good, but nothing out of the ordinary. I’ve seen Seeds of Change in the shops but have never taken the plunge to actually buy their stuff. It all looks delicious!

  2. Glad that you and Greg had a fabulous weekend!
    I like suspense, drama and comedy, not a very romantic girl! My to go meal used to be stir fries, and now its salad with a log of avocado!

    • haha, does that mean you love the Lifetime channel? My sis alwaayyyys watches that 😛

  3. Looks like a good weekend! I really love movies based on history or something true (A Beautiful Mind), but I can always go for a chick flick, too!

    • oh i love those so much too! I really like movies of persecution as well for some reason~

  4. That dish looks delicious and I have never tried that kind of rice before. Looks yummy!

  5. What a great weekend girl. Love the picture of you by the car, too cute 🙂 I’ve never tried Seeds of Change before. I’ve never even seen it. Something new to look out for 🙂

    • It took him 8 tries to actually know how to use the cam 😛

  6. I’ve never heard of Seeds of Change! They sound good! A potluck sounds like so much fun and those chocolate-covered strawberries look amazing!

    • potlucks are such a great way of bonding 🙂

  7. I looove the Sound of Music too!!! 😀
    Your children are adorable! Do they not live with you?
    It looks like you had a fabulous weekend with some wonderful people (and some delicious looking strawberries 😉 )
    Awww!! I just realized that I have a package of Seeds of Change quinoa blend sitting in my pantry that I got last time I was in Arkansas! I’m really excited to try it now! 🙂

    • haha! well they’re not REALLY our children~~but we volunteer at an afterschool program and help them with stuff and are there to help through life really!

  8. You and Greg are too cute, Ellie! This weekend I was reminded to really savor each moment…life’s too short! Have a great night!

    • kkkkkk aww thanks Parita! I shall see you ’round

  9. My sister has watched Sound of Music so many times too! I think I watched it a couple of times (and I’m willing to watch it again!)

    I will be praying for Lauren too! =D I hope she’s fine.

    My favorite genre: romantic comedy. But right now, I’ve been watching tons of spy and action films because of hubby! hahaha..

  10. Looks like you and Greg had a great weekend!!!!

  11. Boys and cars! What on earth is it about that? Always makes me laugh! All I know about cars is that they have wheels and they go. 😛

    Hope Lauren is okay…

    • same here! 0_o” yess i hope so too~

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