Field Trip to Whole Foods

March 21, 2011 at 11:56 PM | Posted in Culture, Fitness, Food, God, Health, Inspiration, Nutrition | 35 Comments

Aloha!! Haha I have no idea why Aloha, but it just sounds so refreshing!

I went on a field trip to Whole Foods to stock up on my usuals as well as some newbie products! 😀

It’s actually a field trip to WF for me, not only because it’s so fun as I always find myself saying “oohhhh ahhhh” at the sight of every new product, but because it’s also at least 30 minutes away. 😛

I rarely shop at WF; hence, the excitement of being there.

Some of you guys may have already seen Megan’s post about the Perfect Food Bar.  Let me tell you, I was so expectant of that bar and indeed it met my expectations!  Thanks Meg!

Haha, it’s just so wholesome, perfectly sweet, and it reminds me of something from childhood in Argentina…but I can’t quite put my finger as to what it was.

From Whole Foods:

  • Perfect Food Bars–4 different flavors (They also have a pretty cool story!)
  • Rudi’s English muffins <– These are my fave English muffins ever! Yes they’re low in calories.  And yes they’re also made with great ingredients.
  • Vanilla bean powder! A bit on the pricey side; however, there is a lot of it in one container and a little pinch goes a long way. 😀
  • Some produce.  I don’t usually buy a lot of it at WF due to the prices.
  • Cedar’s Tzatziki <– Another fave dip of mine.  Have you tried Tzatziki? If not, I highly recommend it!
  • Some lemon cookies for the fam and Snackimals for Daniel
  • Boca Burgers & smoked salmon

I am looking forward to using this cool ingredient in the days to come!  Hello, serial baking and crazy breakfasts!

For no apparent reason, I felt a bit funny about showing you the grocery I purchased, but then I thought that you MAY just be interested in the foods that keep me healthy and energized.  Not to mention, these are some of the things that keep my stomach regulated.

That’s why I also got this at the WF bar.  ‘Twas so delicious! Especially the ‘shrooms. 🙂

Okay, so going back to Perfect Foods Bars…how in the world are they so delicious?! Uh-oh, I think I may just have to find a way to make them on my own before an addiction kicks in haha!  If you’ve tried them, any ideas?

Worry not! This isn’t everything I eat, but only a small portion of it.  At least once a day I’ll be eating the Korean food my momma makes.  I wouldn’t want you to think that I barely eat and do the “comparison game” that’s been the great talk in the blogosphere lately.

I simply mention this because many people around me think that I’m always “fasting” or not eating well.  However, I try to let everyone understand that I am perfectly fine, and that this is just a simple choice I make for my own reasons.  It keeps my indigestion and *ahem* constipation regulated.

We are all made physically different and are lovely in our very own ways!  So we should eat, exercise, sleep, and so forth, according to our individual needs.   So let us love ourselves for who we are, and let us love others for who THEY are! 😛

And with that pep note in mind, I’d like to leave you with this…

“Contrary to what the world claims, Beauty does not diminish with time; Beauty deepens and increases…true beauty comes from a depth of soul that can only be attained through living many years well.” -Stasi Eldrege from Captivating

I admit, it’s not always easy seeing myself through God’s eyes.  I don’t always feel adequate or beautiful.

Your turn!  How have you been doing in that area as of late?  If you don’t mind sharing. 🙂

As you get older, do you find yourself becoming more comfortable in your own skin, as well as in your gifts & talents?

You are so so so loved,

Ellie <33


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  1. Great post. Definitely find myself, maybe not becoming more comfortable — but becoming more aware of who I am, and thus, becoming more accepting of myself. I’m on the road to becoming more comfortable. I think it’s also hard for me to accept my qualities when sometimes I feel that my parents would want otherwise. haha, that is a whole ‘nother story. It’s a growing process 🙂 Have a wonderful wk!

  2. Your end note just reminded me of a blog post I recently read and you might want to join the fun:

    *I love Korean foods! Just sharing =p

    • It reminded me of that post too! I think God is trying to tell me something by bringing this up so often!

    • I took a look at the site Viv! thanks so much for sharing that~it’s so cute and encouraging to see all these women rallying up together

  3. Ooh pure vanilla powder! I can’t wait to read all about it 😀

  4. I LOVE WHOLE FOODS! Seriously, I get so excited when I go there. Glad you picked up a lot of yummy stuff – I’ll have to give that Tzatziki a try next time I go. 😀

    • all i can say about Cedar’s tzatziki is WOW. TJs is really good too!

  5. Whole foods is like candyland to me lol I love it. You got so many goodies! 🙂

  6. I have seriously never been to WF. The closest one to me is a solid 2 hours. Yuck…maybe when I go back home.

    • not to worry! 🙂 i hadn’t been to WF till about 1.5 yeas ago?

  7. You got some great stuff! I’m planning a trip there today 🙂

  8. ooh, vanilla powder? so cool!

    totally jealous of the whole foods trip 🙂 we don’t have one here!

    • ooOoOo what do you have then?

  9. SOOO jealous that you got to go WHOLE FOODS! 🙂 i’ve always wanted to try their hot bar!

  10. I may have to steal that quote from Captivating for an upcoming blog post. That’s such a good book!

    I’ve been struggling over the last week with the body image issue. I have to continually remind myself of God’s love for me and his perfect creation of me, and take every negative thought captive 🙂

    • thanks for sharing Emily!~I really think that living in wealthy nations can certainly affect us more in a consistent manner. The way to battle that is seeing our true worth in Him

  11. Does your whole foods have cooking classes? The one near me does and I am dying to try a class! I need to hit up their salad bar, I have never bought anything from there.

    • Ohh i had no idea about the classes! not sure…their bar is great! 🙂

  12. Great post! I definitely feel much more comfortable in my own skin as I’ve gotten older! And tzatziki is so so good!!

  13. Vanilla powder?! I want that. NOW. I can’t wait to see what you make with it!

  14. Confession: I have never shopped at Whole Foods. I have however, been in the store, I just never buy anything. I find that if I cross that line and buy something from there, then it will be like a downward spiral. WHo knows how badly that would hurt my wallet!!

    • funny thing is, I don’t buy many items there. I mostly eye shop lol.

  15. Haha! I’m so glad you had such a fun time! 🙂

    • I did 😛 But then again~I’m easily entertained

  16. Hi Ellie! You know, I’ve only been to Whole Foods once and was a little turned off by their high prices! I might have to try again and see what they have. Let us know how those lemon shortbread cookies are! I love lemon treats!

    Which one did you go to?

    • hey joanna! yeahhhh they CAN be high unless you find coupons and stuff. But SOME things are decent, and anything that I CAN get at other stores, I buy them elsewhere. I usually only purchase special items at WF. And the lemon s.b.cookies are bommmmmmb!! kinda too crumbly! But they taste soo good and feel buttery (not over the top). I went to the one in Huntington this time 🙂

  17. Gah, so so so envious!! I MISS WHOLE FOODS!!!! *sob*

    • haha perhaps you’ll be in the states soon! 🙂 what do you have there for health stores?

  18. I LOVE Whole Foods! I get carried away everytime I go in there though! Haha! 🙂

  19. Love the quote at the end! And yes, I am getting a little wiser as I grow older (I’m only 27 LOL). I have come to value myself more and more as each day passes, both on the outside and the inside. I wish I could rewind about 10 years and give myself a little pep talk!

    • I can’t believe you’re 27!! that’s not old at all for sure! But you look much younger to be honest hehe 🙂 hey but you’re able to discover all these things at STILL a young ripe age of 27! that’s great 😀

  20. I really admire your faith and strength. That quote is so lovely.

    • thank you for the sweet encouragement! if there’s any faith and strength you see in me, it’s b/c He gives it to me and allows me to step into that place you know? i admit there’s nothing I can do on my own~ 🙂 it is such a deep quote!

  21. I really love this post, Ellie. In God’s eyes, I am a beloved, blessed, unique daughter with a great purpose and plan in my life. But the older we get and the more experienced we are with our failures and mistakes, we tend to lose that vision!

    • Sophia that’s a really interesting perspective you have there! I suppose we just gotta always go against the patterns of life and fight extra hard you know? and amen! you ARE His beloved and His friend 🙂

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