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Hi!  Thank you all for your amazing and encouraging comments on my last post!  It really meant a lot to me, and I really appreciate you all so very much.  I hope you know that. 😉 *sniffle*

Okay, enough with the sappiness and moving on to a different topic.

The other day I was quite busy running around taking care of food business.  My Linguistic buddies and I had a very important annual symposium and I was the “hospitality coordinator”.  I think I can get used to that title, I like!

We had several guest speakers and one of them was Dr. Paul Frommer!

If you don’t know who he is, he’s the creator of the Na’vi language from Avatar.



Yup, that’s right! Except–I haven’t watched the movie yet and now I’m excited to see it haha.  I know, shame on me!  I can hear some “boo’s” out there.

He was such a nice guy and we actually got to chat for a bit!  He’s the dude in the middle with errrr no hair. 😛 I hope you don’t see this Dr. Frommer!

Here’s another exciting topic;  I  have a new-found love for pita pockets.  I had some for breakfast yesterday and I must say…pita pockets taste really good when they’re sweet.  Who says pita has to be filled with bacon and cheese?  Well, it is pretty darn good when it’s savory too.

I know that the innards look rather funky I admit, but just trust me on this one.  It tastes good. 😀

Most of you know how much I rave about Once Again Nut/Seed Butters, and I topped this one with my favorite sunflower seed butter!! This company’s products have really high quality ingredients and they taste like they’re homemade.  I dare you to try it.

I also had no idea how versatile pita bread can be!  If you run out of pita chips, then you can remedy that by making ’em at home. CRUNCH.

This a medley of savory cheesy pita chips and sweet cinnamon crunch.

Also, if you haven’t been to Jenny’s awesome blog about muscle-building vs. toning up, then you should!!  I think she and I really think alike when it comes to fitness and staying healthy and strong.

I’ve been really wanting to share some workouts with y’all, but I can’t seem to take pictures with the DSLR because it’s really difficult to take self-cam photos, so once I get the point-and-shoot back from Greg, I shall put them up.

I hope you’re okay taking some advice from little ol’ me…? 😛

Here in a bit, I’m heading off to see the kids in Santa Ana.  Lately I find myself in a hurry wherever I go, and since my body feels sluggish at the moment, I’m going to do a simple workout for 7 minutes.  Again, so important to listen to our bodies as long as our other priorities are straight.

So what kind of workouts can one do within 7 minutes?  There are actually plenty of simple movements we can do to build muscle, while burning calories, while getting our heart rate up, and circulation going all simultaneously.

  • pull-ups and jumping squats
  • push ups and jumping lunges
  • squatting bicep curls and bike crunches
  • burpees (squat thrusts) and high knees

As you can see, the possibilities are endless.   So let’s get on out there and be active while appreciating the strong bodies God has given us!  At least, while we can. 😛

You see, I truly believe that some movement is better than none at all!  As much as I’d like to continue in my all or nothing ways, more and more I’m convinced that when it comes to health and fitness, every bit counts.

So what if you “fail” that day? Well, you just get back up and do what you can to the best of your abilities.   There’s always tomorrow.

Weeee there’s a fun and crazy weekend ahead of me so I’ll try to stay in contact!

Let’s live today to the fullest and HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY TO Y’ALL!!! May God’s love and blessings come in unexpected ways to you today!  He is so very much in love with you.

Are you all-or-nothing when it comes to health and fitness?

What kind of workouts do you go to when you’re in a hurry?

What does this weekend look like for you?



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  1. Aww thanks for the link love Ellie! I’ve never had a sweet pita before O_O I am intrigued. I do believe in an all or nothing approach in the sense that I need to give it 110% on my workouts and on my eating habits. There are always days when workouts just don’t do well and my eating starts to slack but giving it all you have makes a big difference. Happy Good Friday to you!! Love ya 😀

  2. Hey that’s pretty cool you met the language creator for Avatar! My go to work out when I don’t have much time is usually a walk with my dog. It just feels good to breathe in some fresh air!

  3. I LOVE THOSE PITA POCKET PICTURES! The first one looks amazing ❤ And I really can't believe you haven't seen Avatar yet- you'll love it!!! It is such a great movie.

    I also loved what you talked about in this post…I definitely admire your approach to working out. Just as it should be! You're an inspiration, Ellie! 🙂

  4. Happy friday to yaz too!! I absolutely LOVE anything with pita too so this post is just for me:) I LOVE sunflower seed butter perhaps even more too, wow do you sure know what I’m craving! This is a huge coincidence but I just had a hummus pita pizza along with an ice cream sundae covered in sunflower seed butter..my idea of a PERFECT night!!

  5. Wow! That’s so cool you got to meet the creator of the Avatar language! You’ll love the movie when you see it…very cool world that they created.

    Have a Happy Easter Weekend!

  6. I definitely used to be all or nothing when it comes to fitness, but I think I’m finding a good balance 🙂

  7. wow.. really? i like the movie but I’m not really a movie goer. I fall asleep in the movie house like 50% of the time… and I kind of fell asleep in some parts of Avatar. hehe…

    Hubby used to exercise for 5 minutes every morning and it does make a difference! Just some push-ups and sit ups… =D


  8. ahhh i’m a huge health + fitness fanatic. just two months ago, i was working out (or doing something) almost every day, but i decided to change things up to just 3-4 days a week now. 🙂

    what’s in your pita bread? nut butter and strawberries?

    • woowhooo for fitness! 😛 oh, in the pita there is…ready? you may or may NOT like the combo sound haha. there’s eggs with cinn/nutmeg, maple, caramelized bananas, strawbs, and a few other stuff. 🙂

  9. Wow, that’s wonderful that you got to meet a man that has invented a whole language! I would love to know how one would go about doing that!

    • although I’m a linguistics major, half the time I was catching myself TRYING to catch up with him haha!! it’s a really fun process but really really tedious and rigorous!!

  10. I love this post! You’re right that we should embrace the bodies that God has given us and take care of them and listen to them! You’re so inspiring! 🙂

    I NEED to get some pita bread!!

    And I made your Reese’s Oat Bake!!! Ahhh…. it was AMAZING!!! You’re a Reese’s genius girl! 😀

    • haha glad you liked it Alex!! hope you have a beautiful weekend girl~

  11. Ahhh see Avatar!!! It’s so good! Predictable story line and all..but it’s still very, very good!

  12. Oh my, I thought that pita was filled with steak and steak sauce! O.o I like the nut butter reality more 😛

    • heyyy that’s a great idea!~~

  13. I need to seriously start getting in shape! Posts like this are so encouraging! 🙂
    Thanks girl.


    • No prob Whitney! 😀

  14. I have seen Avatar in Imax and 3D . Truly mind boggling. The aliens look somuch like our hanuman, albeit with out that garish color. How I wish I were there too with the creator of the Avatar language.

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