Q's or A's

Hello beloved everyone!

I put up this Q’s or A’s page for the very reason of keeping in touch in a more personal way!  😀

My hope is that you can feel free to roam around here and ask away whatever questions you may have.  They can be about my faith and what it really means to me–and most importantly, who Christ really is!  You can also ask about my background, likes/dislikes, boyfriend, love, etceteraaaa!!!

Hopefully I can have an answer for you and I shall try my best to be thorough and helpful to you.  🙂

Now onto more personal and deep matters…

I know that life can be tough (everyone has his/her own share of struggles), but the very sad and unfortunate thing is that most of the time no one shows it.  We’re taught to not show them.  Or perhaps sometimes we just don’t KNOW how to show them.  Sometimes we even wonder if anyone really cares…or if anyone is out there hearing the innermost desires in our hearts…

I am a firm believer in Jesus and in prayer.  I believe that prayer is communicating with Him, and by that I mean that we talk to Him as much as we listen to His voice.  It’s just like another friend, or another loved one who is ever so close and personal.

If there are any things that you would like to share here in the comments, then by all means share and bless us with your wisdom!  If you have questions for anyone else to read, then you can feel free to post it up here as well.  However, if you need to talk or ask for prayer (believe me it works because He hears ya!) then you can contact me at any time through email:


I look forward to being an encouragement to you as much as I know you will be to me and others.

“I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have drawn you with lovingkindness.” -Jeremiah 31:3-

Grace and Payyyce,

Ellie <33



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  1. Hello, sister Ellie. I’m also a christian. I wish you a very happy Easter holiday. And God bless. 🙂

    btw. neat blog. ^_^

    • Hiii! thanks for stopping by and may you have a beautiful day this special day~ 🙂

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